Prices start at £1200 for painted or batik portraits. Pencil or dry media from £750. Contact me for more information.

BATIK: Wax and dye resist painting on cotton, mounted on board, unframed.

DRAWING: In pencil / charcoal / pastel on paper.

WATERCOLOUR: Watercolour on acid-free paper.

OIL / ACRYLIC: Painting on wood board, unframed.

I aim to include as much can about the person in my portrayal, including some of the sitter’s ideas. These would be interpreted with sensitivity, through colour, imagery, symbolism and pattern. The portrait can be set against a landscape, a garden, a favourite place or a fantasy scene; otherwise there could be a plain or abstract background. These are all things that should be thought about and discussed before commencing. I am happy to help with ideas and produce some colour sketches to help visualize some of the options.

I have successfully worked on numerous portraits in batik and other media, from 3yr olds to 75yr olds, with a wide variety of settings and scenery. Portraiture is my main interest and I strive for the perfect likeness, without losing any spontaneity or freshness of approach.

For a unique and inspired perspective, Contact Marina for a portrait.

Creating a commissioned Portrait: The Process

· After deciding to commission a portrait a date and time will be agreed for a sitting and photographs. I am usually quite happy to come to you for the first session as it is helpful to meet the sitter in their own surroundings, where they are at ease. This is especially true for children, who are usually less shy at home and have toys to keep them occupied.

· The first sitting is when options and ideas are discussed, such as media, composition, pose and backdrop; I will take many digital photographs, which provide reference for facial measurements and proportions, then I will draw some preliminary sketches. This should be easy and enjoyable and will hopefully give you insight into the fascinating process of portraiture.

· Back in my studio I will work on some colour compositional sketches,(roughs)and make notes of the dye plan (for batik). Another visit will be arranged so you can see the roughs and make any amendments. I will need an hour for a more detailed drawing and maybe further photographs.

· There should be enough information and reference for me to make a good start on the portrait, but I will probably want another brief sitting to help with final colour and detail.

· Usually I allow 6 - 8 weeks for a batik portrait, 8 -12 weeks for oil, 3 weeks for a watercolour and 2 weeks for drawings and pastels. It sometimes takes less time but can take more, depending on the medium and size of work.

· When the work is completed I can help with mounting and framing for an extra charge. My frames are hand crafted, custom stained and tinted to complement the portrait. The choice of moulding and final colour would be your own.