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Symeon Nostrakis:

congratulations! i had never imagined one can produce such detailed fine art portraits with the batik technique... (i am an artist too)

John Barlow:

Beautiful artwork and a very nicely designed website too. I will be sure to tell others about your work.

Tamara Harvey:

wow some of your stuff is truly amazing

Audrey Dicker:

Dear Marina, been away so have just picked this up. I think it is absolutely brilliant. So well done Edmund! Your talent and his skills has produced something very special, and deserves lots of commissions. Will be in touch. Fond love Audrey

Pat Creutzberg-roe:

well done ,Eddie, both beautiful and informative. Wonderful to see the colours and details in all the art works. Have this summer had cataracts removed from both eyes and so appreciate the miracle of sharp sight and brilliant colours.( And no glasses.) C U soon. Pat x

Janet Williams:

Marina - a great, slick website to showcase your diverse range of wonderful work. Looking forward to showing more of it in the gallery. Thank you for the link. Best wishes, Janet

Kevin Elliott:

What a great site, obviously a lot of hard work has gone into this - a stunning display of your works, showing how diverse your range of skills are. Best wishes kevin and the family.


Thanks for all your messages, Ed has made a great showcase for me. I just have to keep up my standards and hopefully produce good work to keep it fresh and interesting.

Jeni Sharpstone:

Wonderful Marina......and what a grand job your son has done too! Lovely to see your beautiful work so splendidly displayed. Hope to see you soon.

Christine Mallion:

Jo Harvey gave me your website. Well done! I exhibited at St Julians with you a few years ago. I admire your work and am amazed at what you have achieved with this medium. No need to reply because you must be so busy!

Nadja Rodgers:

Dear Marina, It looks great. Well done Ed and hope it brings you even more new commissions. We are still in love with our picture of Felix and feel it really captures his spirit, as well as his looks. Kindest regards always, Nadja x

Rosi Robinson:

Hi Marina,congratulations. I can put you as a link on my site. Incidently I am looking for someone in this country to update my website. I just need to add more up to date information and am two years behind! At the moment the person who designed my website is in the US and so I never see her and we have lost touch. Would Ed like a paid job of updating my website? It would be great if he could help. Maybe we could get together after Christmas to discuss it when he\'s home? Hope all is well. Rosi

Jill Kennedy:

Fantastic web site . Well done Ed and well done Marina.


I would be happy to explain how it is done, thanks for your appreciation. I am lucky that Ed has done such a good job for me on the site.

Jessica May:

a fantastic site full of fantastic works! very clever edd the head for putting it all together, and i am much in awe of your artwork, as ya knowww.. and would like very much to be taught how to create such magnificent pieces!!!

Mike and Liz:

Congratulations to Ed. The site looks really good. It is great to have a much more comprehensive selection of your work. Hope it brings in more commissions.

Nick Crittenden:

Loving the new site

Alice Docherty:

What a fab website, well done, so good to see your work like this! was it alot of work to set it up for Ed? X


Thank you so much for the new website Ed, it has turned out amazing! You are a star and have a real


Amazing work! Keep it up!